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Creating a High-Performance Team  September 28, 2016 – 03:01 pm
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Learn to manage and lead your workforce in this evermore common, high octane environment. Uncover ways to exert influence as a team leader, increase performance across your organization, and support the achievement of business objectives with the guidance of our seasoned faculty. Drive performance, maintain a highly-effective work culture, and build leadership capabilities to meet future business needs in this dynamic course.

You’ll gain a systemic view of your organization and the tools and leadership practices to implement best practices for creating a productive climate. Nuclear Organizational Effectiveness manager, Jeff Stafford, found this course to be “thought provoking, challenging, and fun with world-class speakers that make this course a great addition to your leadership portfolio.” Our faculty bring real-world experience into each discussion to prepare you to assess the needs of your work environment. Get ready to rev your company’s engine with what Twila Jensen, Financial Director of U of M Medical School, describes as, “ exceptional course that covers a lot of ground in a short time.”


McGraw-Hill Education How We Lead Matters: Reflections on a Life of Leadership
Book (McGraw-Hill Education)
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  • Reflections on a Life of Leadership

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