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The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center  July 15, 2017 – 05:39 pm
Columbia Business School

This tool is meant to help Columbia Business School students navigate the entrepreneurship-relevant courses offered in the School.

THINK Course Roadmap → Learn the basics of entrepreneurship and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This track is for any student who would like to adopt an entrepreneurial way of thinking, problem solving and business growth. This track is meant for the student who recognizes the value and importance of entrepreneurial thinking in today’s economy and world, irrespective of whether they plan to start a business in the near term. This track also prepares students for the other three tracks: START a business, SCALE an existing business, INVEST in startups.

START Course Roadmap → Incubate and develop your own startup. This track is for students planning to start their own business during or after graduation from business school. Students following this path will have access to programs and courses meant to foster and support their specific entrepreneurial endeavors. Students who follow this track are likely to be co-founders, CEOs or some other leadership role at their own organizations.

SCALE Course Roadmap → Scale an existing business and help take it to the next stage. This track is for students growing a business of their own, a family business they might one day assume control of, or an existing startup or SMB founded by someone else. Students who follow this track are likely to become COO, CFO, CMO, CEO, CRO, Business Development, Sales Lead or some other leadership role within an existing organization.

INVEST Course Roadmap → Invest in startups and private equity. This track is for students looking to invest in entrepreneurial companies. This track is organized based on the life cycle of a new venture. In addition, several industry-specific courses are offered in this track.


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