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People Center  May 4, 2019 – 04:37 pm
College for the People in

​"Exciting, Engaging, and Empowering our Community"

The People Center is a service-oriented, strategic support function to the College, the focus of our work is people. Our name encompasses many of the services we provide for the institution both now and in the foreseeable future. This includes, but is not limited to talent recruitment and acquisition, culture alignment, employee relations, organizational development, professional development management, related policy development, benefits and compensation management and retirement planning. One of our top institutional priorities is a commitment to exciting, engaging and empowering the Champlain community. At the very heart, this is about our people.

Click here to view your colleagues in the people center and view each person's roles and responsibilities.

View all employee benefits, view forms, and see direct links to vendor websites.

View information on DARE U, view current course offering and see previous course offerings and associated materials.

See what discounts are available to Champlain employees.

See all positions we are currently recruiting for.

View information about the Modern Think survey administered in the Spring of 2014. Find out what has been done with the information and what's coming up!

Are you new to Champlain? Select here to find all the information you need to know, including orientation documents.

View important information regarding payroll schedules, approval deadlines and information regarding W-2's.

View all People Center policies, procedures, and forms. Note if it is a benefit form it may be under that specific benefit page.

View all faculty and staff performance management information.

View the recognition and awards programs at Champlain and see current and previous winners.

Do you have a position to fill? Are you on a search committee? Find important information on the process here.


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