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MSc in Business Administration, Prince George, Canada 2017  January 28, 2016 – 01:38 pm
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The Master of Science in Business Administration Program (MSc) at UNBC is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business in positions that demand both extensive knowledge in a specialty area (for example, accounting, finance, human resources management/ organizational behaviour, marketing, operations management/international business), as well as excellent quantitative and qualitative research skills.

Graduates will take positions in consulting, business, government, and research institutes, or will pursue further study in doctoral programs of business.

The MSc Program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to business education: Students are encouraged to study and conduct research across two or more specialty areas in business, for example, accounting and finance, or marketing and international business. Class sizes are small, and the environment collegial and friendly, with outstanding opportunities for interaction with professors and other students. Students conduct leading-edge research while being supervised by one or more professors in the program.

Program structure

The MSc in Business Administration is normally completed in two years.

In first year, the course of study is composed of 15 credit hours of courses to provide advanced research and statistics background as well as substantive research-based knowledge within one or more specialized areas of concentration in business administration.

In second year, the course of study is composed of 21 credit hours of courses to provide additional substantive depth in the area of specialized concentration, research in business administration to apply and refine research skills, and a Master’s Thesis representing an original empirical investigation in the chosen specialized area of business administration.


Applications to the program are invited from a wide variety of backgrounds, including business, resource development, mathematics, and the social sciences. The MSc is a research-based degree with a thesis and is different from the MBA degree which is a terminal and course-based degree. Those applicants not having a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) may need to complete additional courses in mathematics, statistics, and business prior to admission.

To be eligible for admission to the MSc in Business Administration, applicants are required to have an acceptable academic standing, i.e., a grade point average of at least 3.00 (“B”) in the work of the last 60 credit hours, in a four-year (120 credit hours) baccalaureate degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.


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