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Master of Arts in Business Administration

Differences in Master of Arts in Business Administration Vs. MBA  December 14, 2020 – 11:48 pm
An MBA typically requires

Universities offer students who are interested in studying business administration and management at the graduate-level a variety of options, including the Master of Arts in Business Administration and the Master of Business Administration, or MBA. Both programs teach students to apply economic theory to the real world of business. However, the Master of Arts degree requires only one year of full-time coursework, while the MBA requires two years.

Master of Arts in Business Administration

A Master of Arts in Business Administration is an academic program typically offered by the university's college of arts and sciences or the school of business. Depending on the university, this degree may also be called Master of Arts in Business, Master of Arts in Leadership or Master of Arts in Management. This degree is not as popular as the two-year MBA program, and universities typically offer it in conjunction with some sort of other professional degree, such as a law or medical degree, for students who want to show future employers that they are familiar with the fundamentals of business.


An MBA program is a professional program typically offered by the university's school of business. An MBA program is one of the most popular graduate programs in business, and universities offer students a variety of MBA formats that cater to all types of schedules and careers. In addition to traditional two-year programs, there are also part-time, evening, accelerated and online programs. Furthermore, universities offer students a variety of concentrations, including entrepreneurship, healthcare administration, finance, marketing and real estate.


Requirements for both Master of Arts and MBA programs vary across universities, but Master of Arts programs typically require students to take 30 to 36 credit hours. These requirements add up to approximately one year of full-time study. MBA programs, on the other hand, typically require students to take approximately 45 to 55 credit hours of course work, or two full-time years of study. Both programs require students to take a certain number of core courses, such as organizational behavior, statistics, leadership and finance, as well as a certain number of electives. However, in general, MBA programs require many more core courses and a greater variety of electives than Master of Arts programs.

Career Prospects

Graduates of MBA programs pursue a number of careers in a variety of settings, including education, government, finance and private industries. MBA graduates are found in a variety of organizations, both profit and nonprofit, and most are employed in middle or upper management roles. Because Master of Arts programs do not require as many credit hours as MBA programs, students who graduate with this degree also typically are not employed in managerial positions and often receive smaller salaries, although they do work in similar settings.


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