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Online Business Administration Courses, Classes and Training  July 12, 2022 – 11:16 am
Business Administration

Successful business professionals must be knowledgeable in a variety of business practices and principles. As a result, an online curriculum in the field of business administration includes courses in a range of business topics. Some course descriptions are shown below.


Students learn the role of financial accounting in business and in society. Accounting courses typically focus on the recording and reporting of business operations, investing activities and financing.

Marketing Principles

With a culturally diverse marketplace in mind, students are introduced to customer behavior. They also study product, promotion, channels of distribution and pricing.

Business Ethics

This course explores the ethical, social, legal and regulatory aspects of business. Through case analysis, students learn what factors influence ethical issues and how organizational values precipitate employees' ethical behavior.

Information Systems

This course covers how technology and information systems are used in business organizations. More specifically, they explore how these systems are used to make processes more competitive and efficient.


This course examines principles and practices of business management. An emphasis is placed on individual and small group behavior, structure of business organizations and interpersonal communications.

Learning Details

Online courses utilize academic website interfaces. Through these platforms, professors post assignments and instructions, hold forum discussions and occasionally provide lectures in the form of streaming video. Courses may be asynchronous, allowing students to complete studies at their own pace, or they may call for synchronized sessions. Students who need to participate in live conferencing as part of their course requirement, will likely need a web camera and headset with microphone.

Business administration courses can be completed entirely online at the associate's, bachelor's, or master's levels. Students will study a variety of business courses such as accounting, marketing principles, business ethics, information systems and management.

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