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Columbia Business School requirements
[April 8, 2017 – 04:10 pm]
Columbia Business School requirements

Please keep the following hardware requirements in mind when selecting a laptop to use in the Business School. Systems purchased within the past two (2) years will typically be outfitted with the recommended features. Please confirm that your laptop meets these requirements. Remember that if your laptop does not meet the minimum requirements, among other issues, you will not have access to ITG Support Specialists, who are key to getting your computer configured for the School s network and keeping it correctly configured when you encounter problems. Most critically, your laptop…

Columbia Business School logo
[October 25, 2016 – 09:39 am]
Columbia Business School logo

What does a Greek god have to do with business? The history behind the School’s trademark Hermes icon. A few hours after he was born, the Greek god Hermes sneaked out of his cradle, invented the lyre using the shell of a tortoise, and secretly hid 50 of his older brother’s sacred cattle. He discovered how to light a fire, ritually sacrificed two of the cows, and crept back home before the day was over. When his enraged brother — none other than Apollo — heard Hermes play the lyre, he was so enchanted that he accepted the instrument from Hermes in exchange for the animals. And…

Columbia Business School Statistics
[October 1, 2016 – 09:38 am]
Columbia Business School Statistics

Professor Glasserman s research and teaching address risk management, derivative securities, Monte Carlo simulation, statistics and operations. Prior to joining Columbia, Glasserman was with Bell Laboratories; he has also held visiting positions at Princeton University, NYU, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In 2011-2012, he was on leave from Columbia and working at the Office of Financial Research in the U.S. Treasury Department, where he continues to serve as a part-time consultant. Glasserman s publications include the book Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering…